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Shoes orthotics

Orthotics are a prescribed shoe ‘insert’ or ‘insole’ placed inside your shoes to promote healthy foot and leg function. Your podiatrist will complete a thorough biomechanics assessment involving posture, balance and gait analysis to ensure your orthotics have the right features to address your specific issue –  material, positioning, additional pads. 

How are orthotics prescribed?

  • A detailed history is taken 
  • A full biomechanical examination is conducted 
  • Gait analysis is performed and evaluated 
  • All regular footwear is examined
  • A diagnosis is made based on clinical findings
  • The treatment options and plan is then discussed with the patient

What can orthotics help with?

Orthotics can help to relieve pain, heal injured tissue and musculature by reducing strain and can be used as a prophylactic method. The work to alter the centre of pressure, ground force reaction and the way your bones, muscles, joints and soft tissues function and move through the gait cycle. Orthotics can be a great adjunct to helping treat a variety of conditions and alinements, including:

  •  Facilitate the healing of damaged muscles and tissues – e.g. plantar fasciitis
  • Relieve pressure from painful areas – e.g. corns, calluses and ulcers
  • Improve walking and running techniques
  • Stabilise and support the feet and body
  • Support foot and leg abnormalities – e.g. limb length discrepancy
  • Reduce pain from systemic conditions – e.g. arthritis 

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