Clear Step Podiatry

Sage Bacolod


Sage Bacolod graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Health Science, Mastering in Podiatric Medicine. Sage has also completed a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science.

Sage’s choice to pursue and professionalise in the podiatry field stems from the desire to understand human movement, specifically the lower limbs (knee’s and ankles) after numerous injuries playing basketball during high school, competing at a high level. The motivation to understand the human body deepened after being rejected from the Royal Australian Air Force in 2009, unfortunately failing the medical exam due to ‘‘chronic knee pain’’, which led him to pursue an education in Sports and Exercise Science and then eventually furthering his knowledge in Podiatry medicine.

He has experience in all sectors of the podiatric field, working within both the private sector and high-risk hospital settings. Subsequently, Sage has a great deal of knowledge in all things pertaining to the lower limb as well as helping patients move better and improve their overall quality of life.



Emily graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Podiatric Medicine at Western Sydney University. She is currently undertaking post-graduate course in Diabetes Education.

Emily has proven experience in all aspects of podiatry, including general treatment, diabetes assessment and management, musculoskeletal conditions and the prescription of orthotics. She relies on evidence-based
practice to provide the best care to her patients.

At the core of Emily’ approach is her emphasis on educating and empowering patients to manage and prevent their own ailments.